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A hearty Thanks for the great job!

A hearty Thanks for the great job Saturday! Your guides were all fantastic in imparting a great deal of knowledge and confidence building with the boys. All the dad’s were extremely complementary to their skills and manner in which the days activities were conducted, and at the closing ceremony we do at every campout several of the boys remarked how the climbing gave them one of the greatest senses of accomplishment they’ve ever experienced.

Thanks again for all your assistance and I’ll look forward to contacting you again next year.


Al Pacheco

Troop 2000

Looking for a fun adventure for your troop/pack?

Looking for a fun adventure for your troop/pack?

Try rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park.

Our troop recently contracted with Uprising Adventure Guides in Joshua Tree to teach the rock climbing merit badge, and also to conduct recreational climbing for the older boys who already had the badge. Our experience with them was excellent. They were very thorough and very patient! They work often with scouts, and understand the program (Cubs as well as Boy Scouts). We camped in Indian Cove, and they came out to us so we didn’t have to pay to go into the main part of Joshua Tree National Park.

I would like to comment on 2 things in particular:

1. Their safety record is excellent. The ranger at the check-in desk told me that he never worries about having to coordinate a medical rescue when they are conducting an activity!

2. We had several boys who had a hard time, or who were very fearful. The guide took those kids and worked magic with them! When he had to, he climbed up the belay rope and assisted them, but they always completed the climb and rappel on their own. Every boy we took earned (and I mean earned) the badge.

Susan Cram, the owner/director, was very easy to work with and very businesslike. We had an overall positive experience with this group.

Info: Uprising Adventure Guides

1-888-CLIMB ON (1-888-254-6266)



I’m a firm believer in supporting businesses that are well-run and excited about scouting, so here’s my recommendation.

Carol Grimes

Outings, Troop 642

I had a great time climbing!

Heya! Just got back from Cali last night. The weather in Cleveland sucks! All rain and gloom, so I am pretty down since it always takes me a couple days to readjust from a great vacation.

I had a great time climbing and I am very grateful to have had you as our instructor. Like I said before, it was nice to see a woman running her own climbing company, while at the same time, staying very down to earth and having such an accomplished past.

I know that Ohio is far away, but if anyone I know talks about taking a trip to Cali, I will definitely pass your guide on to them and highly recommend you.

The bad part is… that I think I am hooked now. I want to keep climbing but I know that my only immediate option is indoor. I will let you know how my indoor pursuits go.

take care and thanks again!


Wow what a great time!

Wow what a great time with Dave. Dave is fantastic ! It’s true when you really love what you do how responsive first time climbers can be , knowing what Dave is teaching is so open and down to earth that we all enjoyed the experience so much more. My entire family Susan, Leah and Ben loved spending are day with Dave and would highly recommend your company and Dave to everybody. We would love to return in two years to climb again with Dave.

Thank you so much. It was an experience of a life time.

Wes Hummer.

The best climbing experience we have ever had!


My name is Nathan Gusdorf. My dad and I climbed with Dave Mayville on Sunday, March 26. I can honestly say it was the best climbing experience we have ever had. My dad and I have climbed with the Exum guides in the Tetons, and other private guides everywhere from Keystone, Colorado, to the Otter Cliffs in Maine. All of the climbing guides we have ever had have been great, but Dave surpassed them all. Not only was his climbing ability impressive and helpful, but his actual guiding expertise and ability to teach were stunning. On our first climb Dave was able to perfectly comprehend our respective climbing abilities, and understood exactly where to go and what to have us do. He found perfect routes that allowed my dad to climb something at his level (about 5.8-5.9), and allowed me to follow a slightly different path that I would find challenging (5.9+ – 5.10b). He was a safe and responsible leader in addition to being a perceptive teacher and stellar guide. In all of my climbing experiences, from camps to private guides, I have never had the privelege of working with such an inspiring and impressive climbing guide. I would fly back there (From St. Louis, where I live) in an instant to work with him again. Tell Dave we said thanks a ton.

Nathan Gusdorf

How impressed I was with your guides!


My name is Pat Verducci and my ten year old son Henry went on the Sequoyah School campout a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to write you and let you know how impressed I was with your guides. Henry got halfway up the rock and I could tell he was freaked. He turned around and told Sky he wanted to come down. Very gently, Sky said, “Try putting your right foot on that ledge over there. If you still want to come down, no problem, I’ll get you right down.” Henry put his foot on the ledge and ended up gutting his way to the top. It took him twenty five minutes. Each step was hard fought. Later, when he was lowered and his feet hit dirt, his eyes filled with tears– he was overwhelmed by what he’d just done. Sky’s gentle suggestion allowed him to push through his fear, and keep moving..

Similarly, Markus was very supportive of the parents (including me) who decided to try. I had a similar reaction to Henry’s– and was walking around on cloud nine for a couple of days afterward.

I just wanted to let you know how powerful our day at Joshua Tree was. Sky said, “The rock is a mirror we all have to look into.” Indeed. I’ll never forget it.


I just wanted to let you know how much fun everyone had on Saturday!

Hi Sue,

I just wanted to let you know how much fun everyone had on Saturday.  We had several new parents attend and a couple of parents who have been in the troop for several years.  They all had such nice things to say about the guides. I have seen several very complimentary emails going around.  You should be very proud of your company.

Thanks for everything,


My wife, Nancy, & I thoroughly enjoyed our day of climbing!

Sue –

My wife, Nancy, & I thoroughly enjoyed our day of climbing with Mr Mayville.  He is quite a colorful guy . . . and a grand teacher of the sport.  I just wanted to drop a note to let you know what a nice experience we had in JT.  We would certainly come back and use your services as well.  And thank you for the recommendation of the Twentynine Palms Inn.  What a gem!  And per Dave’s recommendation we had a extremely delicious steak/swordfish dinner to wind down our day on the rocks.  JT is a special place – you are lucky to have it in your backyard!  Please extend our appreciation to Dave

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