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You Can Do This: Joshua Tree Rock Climbing For Beginners


Uprising Adventure Guides offers Joshua Tree Climbing, a complete outdoor instruction curriculum. Our Southern California courses are offered exclusively.

We offer year round courses for individuals, groups, families & corporate events. Private guiding is also offered at anytime, please call us for details.

Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.


We will customize your Uprising Adventure to your level, from brand new beginner, to the very advanced climber.

Book a half, full, or multiple days of climbing. You will enjoy your choice.

We promise to make your Uprising Adventure Guides experience one you will remember for a lifetime.


Uprising Adventure Guides is the #1 guiding company offering Boy and Girl Scouts of America and YMCA Joshua Tree climbing merit badges.


Team Building and Rock Climbing for corporate events and workshops.

Work together as a team to establish trust, communication, camaraderie, and problem solving skills.

Contact us today to learn more or to book your next event with us.


Uprising specializes in programs specifically designed for women Joshua Tree climbing. There’s something special about women supporting each other, especially while climbing.

We have amazing women guides who are an example of the strength and beauty that comes from being outdoors hiking and climbing.

We offer yoga and rock climbing retreats with everything from organic food to spiritual exploration and the application of rock climbing as a metaphor for life.


“I can honestly say it was the best climbing experience we have ever had. My dad and I have climbed with the Exum guides in the Tetons, and other private guides everywhere from Keystone, Colorado, to the Otter Cliffs in Maine. All of the climbing guides we have ever had have been great, but Dave surpassed them all. Not only was his climbing ability impressive and helpful, but his actual guiding expertise and ability to teach were stunning. On our first climb Dave was able to perfectly comprehend our respective climbing abilities, and understood exactly where to go and what to have us do.” – Nathan Gusdorf


“Wow what a great time with Dave. Dave is fantastic ! It’s true when you really love what you do how responsive first time climbers can be , knowing what Dave is teaching is so open and down to earth that we all enjoyed the experience so much more. My entire family Susan, Leah and Ben loved spending are day with Dave and would highly recommend your company and Dave to everybody. We would love to return in two years to climb again with Dave.” – Wes Hummer


“A hearty Thanks for the great job Saturday! Your guides were all fantastic in imparting a great deal of knowledge and confidence building with the boys. All the dad’s were extremely complementary to their skills and manner in which the days activities were conducted, and at the closing ceremony we do at every campout several of the boys remarked how the climbing gave them one of the greatest senses of accomplishment they’ve ever experienced.” – Al Pacheco, Troop 2000

Marines Climb Rocks at Joshua Tree With Uprising Adventure Guides

Sue Cram, founder of Uprising Adventure Guides stated, “We were fortunate enough to be able to work with the military.”

Sue continued, “We got in touch with Penny Moore and offered this opportunity for people to come out to Joshua Tree National Park and do something that can be very [fun]. Our support group is so strong, even if you’re frightened of heights, it is just amazing to be able to come out.”

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Combine the Mind, Body and Spirit

“Rock climbing can sometimes be scary but top roping (what we teach beginners) is the safest form of climbing,” said Sue Cram, owner and lead guide for Uprising Adventure Guides. “We are all ’15-25 plus’ year climbing veterans and we do this full time. So when people want to come out here, it’s as safe as it can possibly be.”

Joshua Tree National Park is home to a vast amount of desert wildlife. It is open year-round and hosts a variety of activities for any participants; hiking, rock climbing and nature walks to name a few.

“It helps people that come from a lot of different places who don’t really know what to do in the park the opportunity to meet new people and have a great time,” said Pfc. Michael Trout, student, Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School.

Uprising Adventure Guides was founded in 1999 and their reach spans to many organizations and people all over the country and world. Uprising Adventure Guides gives people the opportunity to explore their surroundings and experience Joshua Tree National Park.

We were fortunate to be able to work with people across all walks of life. We offer the opportunity for people to come out to Joshua Tree National Park and do something that can be very [fun]. Our support group is so strong, even if you’re frightened of heights, it is just amazing to be able to come give it a try.

All Uprising Adventure Guides are American Mountain Guide Association(AMGA) trained and/or certified. The AMGA is the GOLD STANDARD in climbing guide training and certification. Always chose an AMGA guide for the safest and highest quality of climbing instruction.
As guides we work in many other National Parks and Internationally. We bring with us the experience that is beyond the Joshua Tree terrain. This makes us the very best at modifying any guiding session to your needs. Whether it be learning climb for the first time, learning how to set an anchor, follow a leader or learn to lead yourself. As guides, we have chosen this career because we love what we do. It is a pleasure to introduce and expand our clients skills and lives.

Climbing is not just a physical exercise, it an opportunity to combine the mind, body and spirit in strengthening our overall existence while climbing and in our daily lives. We all practice yoga and meditation outside of our climbing practice so that we can bring a powerful exercise to our clients. We have seen vast improvement in not only our climbing skills but those of our clients through this mind, body and spirit practice.

Joshua Tree National Park is one of few parks that allow more than 2 permits for rock climbing companies. As a result there have been many new companies arriving on the scene. Remember, experience is key when it comes to safe rock climbing instruction. Choose a guide with tremendous experience and you will be rewarded with meeting and climbing with someone you may learn to call a friend and mentor.

Safety is always our number one concern and showing them the very best experience in Joshua Tree National Park is a close second.

You will absolutely love the time you spend with Uprising Adventure Guides.



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