Looking for a fun adventure for your troop/pack?

Try rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park.

Our troop recently contracted with Uprising Adventure Guides in Joshua Tree to teach the rock climbing merit badge, and also to conduct recreational climbing for the older boys who already had the badge. Our experience with them was excellent. They were very thorough and very patient! They work often with scouts, and understand the program (Cubs as well as Boy Scouts). We camped in Indian Cove, and they came out to us so we didn’t have to pay to go into the main part of Joshua Tree National Park.

I would like to comment on 2 things in particular:

1. Their safety record is excellent. The ranger at the check-in desk told me that he never worries about having to coordinate a medical rescue when they are conducting an activity!

2. We had several boys who had a hard time, or who were very fearful. The guide took those kids and worked magic with them! When he had to, he climbed up the belay rope and assisted them, but they always completed the climb and rappel on their own. Every boy we took earned (and I mean earned) the badge.

Susan Cram, the owner/director, was very easy to work with and very businesslike. We had an overall positive experience with this group.

Info: Uprising Adventure Guides

1-888-CLIMB ON (1-888-254-6266)



I’m a firm believer in supporting businesses that are well-run and excited about scouting, so here’s my recommendation.

Carol Grimes

Outings, Troop 642