My name is Nathan Gusdorf. My dad and I climbed with Dave Mayville on Sunday, March 26. I can honestly say it was the best climbing experience we have ever had. My dad and I have climbed with the Exum guides in the Tetons, and other private guides everywhere from Keystone, Colorado, to the Otter Cliffs in Maine. All of the climbing guides we have ever had have been great, but Dave surpassed them all. Not only was his climbing ability impressive and helpful, but his actual guiding expertise and ability to teach were stunning. On our first climb Dave was able to perfectly comprehend our respective climbing abilities, and understood exactly where to go and what to have us do. He found perfect routes that allowed my dad to climb something at his level (about 5.8-5.9), and allowed me to follow a slightly different path that I would find challenging (5.9+ – 5.10b). He was a safe and responsible leader in addition to being a perceptive teacher and stellar guide. In all of my climbing experiences, from camps to private guides, I have never had the privelege of working with such an inspiring and impressive climbing guide. I would fly back there (From St. Louis, where I live) in an instant to work with him again. Tell Dave we said thanks a ton.

Nathan Gusdorf