Where to Stay in Joshua Tree National Park

where to stay in joshua tree national park

Planning to visit the Joshua Tree National Park is one thing, and it is a given that most people would plan to go there for climbing. But one important thing that should not be neglected is where to stay in Joshua Tree National Park. The area is outrageously big, but you can’t just set up camp anywhere you want, especially if you want your stay to be hassle-free.

Knowing Where to Stay in Joshua Tree National Park: The Drive

Having a car is a must if you ever plan on spending some time in the park. You really can’t do anything without a mode of transportation. So make sure you have a car right from any of the major airports in the area. LAX for example is roughly 2 to 3 hours of driving away from the park. So before you start to worry about where to stay in Joshua Tree National Park, you have to consider getting there first.

You also need to plan ahead with your navigation system, because service will be spotty in the mountains. Don’t depend too much on Google Maps, because it might be unavailable in areas that the Internet can’t reach.

Where to Stay in Joshua Tree National Park: Motor Hotel

If you prefer staying in a motor hotel, you can stay in the Pioneertown community in Yucca Valley. What makes this motel special is that it was built in the 1940s as an Old West movie set where actors could shoot scenes and stay during their downtime. These days, Westerns are already obsolete and Pioneertown is no longer the bustling place that it was, but it is still an idyllic themed place where you can drink some beers and watch the sun set. The Pioneertown Motel is spacious enough with its 20-room setup. The rooms were renovated to ensure that they’re comfortable. But the tent/meeting area retains its old spaghetti western look.


If you want to know where to stay in Joshua Tree National Park while camping, there is the rugged rocks that line hiking trails. It is normally where visitors walk and hike, but there are over 300 campsites within the boudnaries. This is also the place to go to if you want to look for activities and tours.

Get a Guide

Of course, if you really want an exciting but safe stay in the park, you should get a guide from Uprising Adventure Guides. Our expert guides have years of experience climbing, hiking, and guiding other climbers and it also helps that they’re really fun people to be around with. Contact us right now and we’ll pair you with one of our friendly climbing guides.