What Rock Climbing Companies Expect from You

rock climbing companies

Beginners who have never had experience with rock climbing should consider looking for rock climbing companies. Having experienced climbers, who are trained to accompany novices, will not only improve the rate in which you learn, but will also lessen risks, compared with simply learning on your own or getting tutorials from an untrained colleague.

However, beginners might have worries over the decorum and what rock climbing companies expect from them. If you belong to this group, you should read on.

What is Expected of You When You Sign Up with Rock Climbing Companies

Have the right gear for the job

When it comes to rock climbing, it is all about the gear. This is particularly important in this kind of sport, because the potential for injury or even death is much higher if you are not properly geared. So make sure you have the bare minimum:

  • rock climbing shoes
  • comfortable climbing clothes
  • a harness
  • a bag of chalk

Respect the slow pace of rock climbing companies

Don’t try to get ahead of yourself. No matter how athletic you are or how good you think you are, if you have no prior climbing experience, you should follow your climbing guide. Don’t be insulted even if you feel that he or she is being condescending. The guide is treating everyone as a beginner because that is the approach that is safer for everyone. Which would you rather have happen? Be treated as a beginner or die while trying to climb something that you’re not ready for?

Follow the rock climbing etiquette

Different locations will normally have different unwritten rules, but they’re mostly similar and your rock climbing guide will be on hand to remind you. Things such as the Leave No Trace principles or simply respecting the queue are important if you want everyone to enjoy the experience in rock climbing companies.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Many accidents in rock climbing are easily avoidable or preventable, but still happened because the novice climber was too shy to ask questions. Don’t be shy. With companies like Uprising Adventure Guides, the climbing guides are specifically chosen because of their skill, experience, and their friendliness. No question is too stupid to ask, especially if the answer might save your life. Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Uprising Adventure Guides.