Top Outdoor Destinations for Rock Climbing Newbies

If you’re tired of feeling envious of all those social media photos of people scaling rock formations or standing on top of mountains, you need to get off your butt and start your own rock climbing adventure.

rock climbing

Of course, the problem is that rock climbing, while accessible to everyone, is not something that you just do out of the blue if you value your safety. You have to take things one step at a time.

Next, you need to start with destinations that are friendly for rock climbing novices. Here are some of them:

Red River Gorge, Kentucky

This destination is known for cliffs made of sandstone and a terrain full of green trees. It’s an ideal destination for novice climbers during spring and fall because the foliage is at their peak and the greenery looks endless.

Pisgah National Forest, North California

The Looking Glass and Cedar Rocks in Pisgah National Forest are frequented by rock climbing newbies, so you’re bound to find like-minded individuals and fellow novices. One of the reasons why it’s popular is because of the breathtaking scenery, so it’s also ideal even if you want to prioritize scenery over climbing activities.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

This destination is known for its distinctive red, pink, and cream hue due to the abundance of Aztec sandstone. But it’s true allure to rock climbing novices comes from its proximity to downtown Las Vegas. You only need to drive a few miles from Vegas in order to come across this crimson beauty. There are a lot of one-pitch climbs in this place, so it’s a great starting point for climbers who are not yet confident in their abilities.

Kirkwood, California

Kirkwood is well-known among tourists because it is only a few miles away from the popular destination, South Lake Tahoe. Kirkwood itself boasts of its own must-see sports. The place is home to beautiful mountain tops, valleys, and its own set of rivers and lakes. Kirkwood has very recently started positioning itself as a destination for climbing newbies, through the creation of a new area with five routes that are easy enough for novices.

Joshua Tree, California

This is one of the most famous destinations for rock climbers for a number of reasons. South California’s consistently sunny weather is one thing, as it makes it easier to prepare for the weather and you don’t have to worry about sudden rains or storms. Next is that there are 8,000 routes to the summit. You’re bound to find one that’s easy for newbies like you. It’s also a book that you have Joshua Tree Uprising around, which can help prepare you for your Joshua Tree rock climbing adventure with multi-day or single courses and seminars.