Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree

Rock climbing in Joshua Tree is one of the best outdoor activities you can do in the United States. Situated roughly tree hours east of Los Angeles, the Joshua Tree National Park is a 789,745 acre park that gives climbers almost eight thousand routes to tackle, featuring a wide array of formations, domes, outcrops, and cliffs in a scenic high desert environment.

rock climbing in joshua tree

Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree is Accessible

One key advantage of rock climbing in Joshua Tree is its accessibility. The park has a number of key characteristics that make it the ideal destination for climbers all year round:

  • The park is sunny and warm even in winter
  • There is an amazingly huge variety in routes, catering to both beginners and experts
  • The park itself offers annual passes that make repeat and regular visits more affordable

Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree is Great Even  During Winter

During the winter, the Joshua Tree only gets occasional snatches of snow that never stays long. Most of the time, the weather is generally mild and sunny. Rock climbing in Joshua Tree is great even in times of the year when most other locations in the United States are covered in slippery, dangerous snow. The park is also free from rain for almost 358 days a year, with the sun shining almost every day.

Camping in the Park

Camping is also a great activity, one that the Jtree is well-suited for. However, visitors need to know beforehand that water is not available in the park. So you need to prepare enough water before you go out camping. You  can buy or get refills from the stations, but once you are out there, you need to have enough water for all the people in your group, and a little bit extra.

There are Routes that are Under-Graded and Dangerous

Keep in mind that there are under-graded routes in Jtree. There are also routes that are under-bolted and come with a serious fall and injury potential. If you are not acquainted with the rock and routes or not skilled enough, you should avoid being lulled into thinking that you can handle everything. It is best to hire a guide that is familiar with  the park itself, such as the ones from Uprising Adventure Guides. Contact us today and we will pair you with an expert guide that can help you get acquainted with the Joshua Tree.