Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Insider Tips

joshua tree rock climbing tips

Joshua Tree rock climbing is one of the most popular activities in the United States for people who enjoy the outdoors. The town of Joshua Tree Park (which is referred to as JT by the locals and Jtree by climbers) has become a mecca of sorts for rock climbers all over the country.

Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Fact: It’s an Ancient Desert

You may see all the coolest, sportiest people flocking to Jtree lugging around modern outdoor equipment, but do not forget the fact that the park itself is a massive ancient desert. It measures 790,000 sq. acres, making it bigger than the state of Rhode Island. And like most deserts, it is very unforgiving. You have to be prepared of the following:

  • Lack of water
  • No electricity
  • No easily-accessible food service
  • No cell phone reception

So you need to prepare. Some of these might result in inconvenience if you are not prepared, but it could also be harmful so be prepared for the worst. Carry more than enough water and food, and make sure you are not dependent on your cell phone for survival and navigation.

Get an Annual Pass if You Plan to Visit Regularly

If you only plan to visit the park once a year, then you should definitely get a day pass at the park entrance. But if you plan on making multiple visits during the year, you can save a lot more money by getting the annual inter-agency pass. You just have to pay a little bit more, but you get to visit any time you want within the year. And most people don’t avail this feature, but the Inter-Agency Annual Pass actually lets you get into every National Park within the valid duration. So it will be used even if you plan on visiting other National Parks.

Start Your Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Adventure at the Intersection Rock

The Intersection Rock can be reached via the West Entrance of the park, and it is advisable for people who still don’t know their way around the Jtree. This is because it is located roughly in the center of the park’s major features, and is littered with trails that let you see or meet other climbers. It’s a great starting point to get your boots on the ground while formulating your itinerary. There’s also less tourists in the area because they’re more likely to visit the more popular Hidden Valley.

Get a Guide

We can’t stress this enough. While there’s a special adrenaline rush you can get from venturing out solo, joshua tree rock climbing is not something that you want to brave alone if you are a novice. You should get a guide from Uprising Adventure Guides. Our expert rock climbing guides will know the best locations in the park, and can match your skills so that you will learn without getting left behind. It also helps  that our guides are friendly and fun to have around. Contact us today and we’ll set you up for a nice joshua tree rock climbing experience.