Joshua Tree Outdoor Activities

joshua tree outdoor activities

Most people assume that the Joshua Tree is only popular to rock climbers. While it is true that the place is a mecca for rock climbers, the popularity of the Joshua Tree park extends even to people who are not interested in climbing. The place is popular because of its historical and spiritual significance. And also because there’s simply a lot of fun Joshua Tree outdoor activities available.

The Best Joshua Tree Outdoor Activities

  • Observe sheep and deer at Barker Dam – this is ideal if you have kids with you, since it’s their chance to see some desert bighorn sheep and mule deer, which often come down to the water to drink. It’s also a great opportunity to teach them respect for nature.
  • Touring the Keys Ranch – along the Barker Dam trail, you can also visit the old Keys Ranch land. The ranger-led Keys Ranch Tour will let visitors walk up to the outbuildings and see the 19th century farmhouse. It’s also a chance to see the petroglyphs on the rocks at the back end of the loop.
  • See the San Andreas Fault up close – at least, as close as you can get while still being safe. This goes right along the Barker Dam, only needing a 20 minute scenic detour. Remember, take nothing but pictures so now would be a great time to bust out the selfie sticks.
  • Finding the Ryan House and the Lost Horse Well – this is an easy one mile out and back hike on a flat trail, so great if you have kids that cannot be taken on the rougher trails. This trek will take you to the remains of the Ryan Ranch, which was established by a family of settlers in 1896.

Enjoy the Joshua Tree Outdoor Experience with a Climbing Guide

Of course, climbing is still the best possible Joshua Tree outdoor activity. So if you are a novice climber, your safest and best option is to contact Uprising Adventure Guides, so we can pair you up with one of our friendly expert climbing guides. The trip will be so much safer, extremely enjoyable, and you may learn a thing or two.