Joshua Tree Family Rock Climbing Safety Tips

joshua tree family rock climbing

Climbing is easily one of the best family activities you can have on the outdoors. And the Joshua Tree is the best place to do it. There are a number of really good reasons why Joshua Tree family rock climbing is the best activity to do while on vacation:

  • It helps encourage health and fitness among kids
  • Rock climbing is a massive adrenaline rush but still low-risk under controlled environments
  • Instills discipline and focus
  • Teaches useful outdoor skills such as knot-tying, route-finding, rappeling, etc.

However, one should keep in mind the second item in the above list. Joshua tree family rock climbing is relatively low-risk, but only if you practice some common safety practices. Read on to find out some of the more common ones.

Things That Will Make Your Joshua Tree Family Rock Climbing Safe

#1. Get Proper Climbing Gear

A huge part of safety in rock climbing has to do with proper gearing. So make sure you have at least the  bare minimum, such as climbing shoes and harnesses (which are particularly important for little and bigger kids.)

#2. Be Mindful of Others

It’s a particularly vague advice, but if you are bringing kids along on your joshua tree family rock climbing trip, you can treat it as a more specific advice: not everyone thinks that your child is amazing. So make sure that your kids can behave themselves, or at least have someone that can keep them in line. There are other people in the Joshua Tree and they may not appreciate it if your kid is being too obnoxious and loud. Additionally, keeping a watchful eye on your kids will also help keep them safe. You don’t want them wandering around without an adult close by, for very obvious reasons.

#3. Observe the Leave No Trace Set of Principles

Everybody who visits the Joshua Tree should observe the Leave no Trace set of principles. And it might be difficult to observe if you have multiple kids along, so make sure you clean up after them or prevent them from making a mess in the first place.

#4. Get a Joshua Tree Family Rock Climbing Guide

One of the best ways to keep people safe on rock climbing trips is to have an experienced and skilled guide come along. So if you are bringing the entire family along, you should contact Uprising Adventure Guides and we’ll have one of our friendly, expert climbing guides accompany you on your trip.