Joshua Tree Climbing: Footwork Tips

Joshua Tree Climbing is a complex and rewarding experience with a success rate that depends on a lot of factors. One of the most important of these factors is knowledge of proper footwork. It may seem straightforward as a concept: just place your feet on footholds and make small steps, but there’s a lot more to it that proper footwork can sometimes mean the difference between reaching the top and getting injured.

If you are a novice climber, you need to pay more attention to your footwork. To help ease you along through the process, here are some Joshua Tree climbing footwork tips:

Joshua Tree Climbing Tip: Push with Your Legs

joshua tree climbingJoshua Tree Climbing novices tend to rely more on pulling with their hands, as opposed to pushing with their legs. This works up to a point, but will wear a climber out fast. This is because pulling requires more energy. Using the feet to push your body up, on the other hand, not only requires less energy but is also more efficient because the legs tend to have the strongest muscles in the body.

Your Feet Should Not Make Any Sound While Climbing

This may seem like a superficial tip, but it has its basis. If your feet is making a lot of sound as you climb, it is a sign that your feet is scraping against the rocks. This indicates that you are not watching your foot as you move from foothold to foothold. It is a recipe for random and insecure foot placements, which could be dangerous for a climber, novice or not.

Make Small Steps

Novice climbers may think that taking big steps is important, out of the idea that high steps tend to facilitate faster upward mobility. While it is true that taking big steps can speed you up, it comes at the cost of stamina. Big steps require a lot of leg strength and balance. You could end up tiring yourself before you even get far. It is better to conserve your strength and just make small steps. It may be a tiny bit slower, but you’ll get farther. If you have access to an indoor gym, you can test first in order to find the sweet spot between large and small steps. Alternatively, you can practice on easy routes.

Get a Joshua Tree Climbing Guide

The safest, fastest, and most fun way of learning footwork properly is by learning from experienced climbing guides. Joshua Tree Uprising can pair you with a climbing guide with years of experience teaching and guiding novice climbers. We guarantee that your climbing experience will be more enjoyable, and you won’t waste more of your time committing novice mistakes. Call 1-888-CLIMB-ON TODAY!