Joshua Tree Bouldering Guide for Beginners

A Joshua Tree Bouldering Guide may seem unnecessary for veteran climbers, but novice climbers who are only getting their first few outdoor jaunts could benefit a lot from it. The Joshua Tree park is considered as a climbing mecca, so many of the visitors tend to be world class climbers. A beginner may feel out of place or could end up biting more than she can chew. Fortunately, there are specific routes and areas that are perfect for beginners.

First Things First: Hire a Joshua Tree Bouldering Guide

joshua tree bouldering guide

Even if you are extremely careful and only going for the easiest routes, you should still hire a joshua tree bouldering guide, preferably from the climbing schools that operate within the area such as Uprising Adventure Guides. Having a guide along gives you a number of benefits:

  • You get to learn from a pro
  • An experienced guide knows the park like the back of her hand
  • Having an expert guide as a buddy can keep you safe from accidents
  • It’s always nice to have company while bouldering

Joshua Tree Bouldering Guide to Easy Climbs

There are so many possible routes in the Joshua Tree park that we won’t be able to fit all of them in a single article, but for novices who want an easier, and relatively safer starting point, here are the most likely candidates:

Trashcan Rock – this is perfect if you are coming in from the west entrance, because it is one of the first climbing areas that you will come across. It has routes ranging from 5.0 to 5.12b, with bouldering challenges that can range from V0+ to V5. Your guide will tell you which ones you should attempt first.  Trashcan Rock also has the benefit of having a walk-off route on the north end of the formation, if you really can’t handle some of the more difficult routes.

Lizard’s Hangout – Lizard’s Hangout is known for having a wide range of routes with difficulties ranging from 5.2 to 5.11c. Beginners can go for the 5.2 route, while experts can go for the latter. This area is only 7.2 miles away from the West Entrance.

The Blob – this area takes its name from the fact that it is exactly a big blob of rock in the middle of the  park. Star Wars fans will find that it looks very similar in shape to the Jabba the Hutt character. This is another route that caters to different skill levels. The beginner climbs (5.2) are located in the West Face, while the North Face offers slightly harder routes (5.4). The North and South end of The Blob offer easy descents.

These three routes should be enough to give novice climbers some awesome experiences. Your Joshua Tree Uprising Guide can point you to even more, as there are literally thousands of available routes in the park. It would take a lifetime to experience all of them, so you better get started now by contacting Uprising Adventure Guides.