Home Rock Climbing Workout

As much as you would like to spend every day bouldering and climbing the Joshua Tree Park’s various routes, most climbers can’t afford to visit the park regularly, and even climbing gyms might be inaccessible from time to time. Uprising Adventure Guides understands the frustration that comes from worrying whether you’ll forget your skills. If you don’t want your climbing abilities to rust during these times, you can do these rock climbing workout routines at home.

Rock Climbing Workout Routines You Can Do at Home

The thing about rock climbing is that it targets the whole body. So if you want to do a rock climbing workout routine at home, it should consist of various exercises that target the following areas:

  • Upper Body
  • Core
  • Fingers & Forearms
  • Legs

Upper Body Workout

rock climbing workout
Upper body strength is important in rock climbing. You need the ability to pull your own weight using only your upper body. The exercises that you should do to simulate a rock climbing workout include dumbbell shoulder presses, tricep dips, pull-ups, push-ups, and bicep curls.


The core should be easy to work out since all you need is your body weight and the floor. You can use planking, side-planking, crunches, and bicycle kicks for this workout. The nice thing about core workouts is that they usually allow you to watch the TV or binge Netflix. Not a bad deal, right? But most people tend to just go with music as it helps them keep count.

Fingers and Forearms

In your focus towards exercising the upper body, don’t make the mistake of overlooking your fingers and forearms. When you climb, you use your upper body but you also use your fingers and forearms for gripping. You need to have a firm grip. The good news is that you can actually do grip-strengthening exercises while doing other things, like watching TV, reading, or even eating – a stress ball or a power grip is usually enough.


Some people tend to overlook the legs on the reasoning that the upper body is more important. While it is true that the upper body does more work when you are rock climbing, the legs also do their part and are actually important, because they serve as backup if your upper body strength starts to pall. In which case, you should do some lower body exercises as well, such as bodyweight squats, lunges, and calf raises.

A Rock Climbing Workout is Good, but Nothing Beats the Real Thing

Of course, while the above exercises do a great job as alternatives, nothing really beats actual rock climbing. You get to work out while enjoying the outdoors and getting some much-needed sun. There’s also the joy of seeing nature at its rawest. It’s even better if you have people along. Uprising Adventure Guides has expert, fun-loving climbing guides that can accompany you in your routes, providing advice, guidance, or basically just being a buddy that has your back. Call us right now and we’ll pair you with one of our experienced guides.