Essential Rock Climbing Equipment

Skill is important, but to get the most out of your Joshua Tree adventure, you need the right kind of rock climbing equipment. However, you also need to avoid wasting money on expensive high-end equipment, even though you can probably make do with less. If you are just starting out, you need to spend money on the essentials first.

The First Rock Climbing Equipment You Should Buy

Bear in mind that different climbers will have different needs when it comes to equipment. So we will only focus on the bare necessities needed, which will apply whether you are:

  • a complete novice who wants to turn pro
  • an elite pro
  • a casual who wants to try it a couple of times just to tick an entry on a bucket list
  • a fence-sitter looking for a new hobby

It does not matter which one you are, the equipment list below will be considered the bare minimum rock climbing equipment:

Rock Climbing Clothing

There is no rule against looking fashionable while climbing, but it should not be the priority. The priority should be comfortability. This can be a subjective criteria, but when it comes to rock climbing equipment clothing, it should at least allow you to spread your legs wide enough to reach different footholds.


Novices may consider this overkill, but any experienced climber knows that a harness can be the difference between an enjoyable climb and an unfortunate accident. A harness will prevent you from plummeting if you attach it to the rope, and it can also help you remain upright in the event of a fall so it will be easier to control the situation.

Rubber Soled Shoes

Aside from ensuring that your shoes are comfortable, you should also check whether the soles are rubber and whether they are soft enough to “smear” against the rock. The purpose of this is to add grip even if you are having trouble finding decent footholds. You will find climbing shoes that fit this criteria on most sporting goods stores.

Chalk and Chalk Bag

This will help prevent your hands from turning slippery even if you sweat a lot. A slippery hand is one of the worst things to have when rock climbing, so this rock climbing equipment is a must.


Some novices don’t think too highly of helmets, as they are under the impression that it is only meant to protect you from a fall, in which case it is probably too late and there are already bigger problems. The truth is that it does protect people in the event of a fall, and can mitigate even fatal damage. However, it is useful even if you don’t have a fall because it protects you from loose falling rocks.

Rope, Nuts, and Carabiner

It’s not just any kind of rope. You need strong, elastic, flexible, and thick ropes because it will be put through the wringer. You also need the carabiner because it will keep the rope secure and steady. The best ones are the snapping variety because they are light and durable. You need a minimum of thirty of them. The nuts, on the other hand, are inserted into cracks in the rock and will be used to hold the ropes in place.

rock climbing equipment

It’s Not a Rock Climbing Equipment, But You Need a Guide

Lastly, you will benefit from having a climbing guide as your companion during the climb. You get to benefit from their company and their experience, and it does not matter how good you are, you may still learn a thing or two from Uprising Adventure Guides’ expert climbing guides. Contact us today and we will pair you up with one of our guides.