Climbing in Joshua Tree

climbing in joshua tree

Climbing in Joshua Tree is probably one of the best outdoor activities available in the United States. The Joshua Tree park is a natural marvel, consisting of almost 790 thousand acres, and only a three hours drive away from eastern LA. It is a mecca to rock climbers and provides them with more than eight thousand routes spread out across various outcrops, formations, cliffs, and other natural wonders in a high desert environment.

With so many things on offer, a beginner may wonder what there is to do when rock climbing in Joshua Tree. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Try Climbing in Joshua Tree During the Winter

The Joshua Tree, or Jtree as many climbers call it, is a great winter rock climbing area. This is because the weather is generally mild and sunny throughout the winter, with the occasional snatch of snow that never sticks. The reliable winter sunshine make the place ideal for rock climbers as opposed to other venues that become cold and dangerous during the winter.

Learn to Love the Small Cliffs

Despite the image of towering cliffs and large rock formations, climbing in joshua tree mostly involves small cliffs as opposed to big walls. Many of the popular routes are less than 100 feet in height. Though there are available bigger cliffs for the more adventurous climbers out there. But make sure you have a guide from Uprising Adventure Guides to accompany you, in case you need someone to hold you back from biting off more than you can chew.

Don’t Focus Too Much on the Routes’ Grades

Be aware that many of the bolted J-Tree routes are serious and demanding, and definitely under-graded.  Many were drilled on the lead, and many of the bolt-protected routes under 5.12 actually have serious fall and injury potential. If you are not fully acquainted with the rock and routes, and cannot assess how dangerous a place it without referring to ratings, it is best to tag along with an experienced guide from Uprising Adventure Guides.

Planning on Climbing in Joshua Tree? Give us a Call

If you want to make the most out of climbing in Joshua Tree, and want someone to show you the ropes and/or keep you from doing something unnecessarily risky, contact Uprising Adventure Guides and we will set you up with one of our expert climbing guides.