Bouldering for Beginners: Simple Tips

Bouldering for beginners can be appealing and scary at the same time. The idea of climbing is exciting, but the thought of being so high up without any ropes can be terrifying to a beginner. To help beginners get their start in this rewarding physical activity, here are 5 simple tips for novice bouldering.

Bouldering for Beginners Does Not Require a Special Climbing Kit

bouldering for beginnersThere are many individuals who are interested in rock climbing, but are intimidated by the idea of buy all sorts of specialized climbing equipment. Bouldering for beginners is different because you don’t need a lot of equipment to start. The only essential equipment is a good pair of climbing shoes.

This is the only equipment that you cannot live without, because bouldering requires precise foot placements. Trainers will hinder you and may even lead to slipping. Fortunately, indoor climbing gyms usually have climbing shoes that you can rent.

Make Good Use of Your Legs

Your leg muscles are going to be your most important piece of equipment when it comes to bouldering. Your feet are much stronger than your arms, so it will make your life easier if you learn to use them properly instead of always pulling with your arms.

Imagine the Holds as Made of Glass

It may seem like a weird bouldering for beginners tip, but it’s advice that many veteran climbers swear by. If you treat the holds as if it’s made of fragile glass, you tend to slow down and put more thought into your movements and feed/hand placement. This makes bouldering safer, and lets you develop a more methodical, strategic approach. You can focus on “getting in the zone” later once you have developed muscle memory.

Work on Your Weaknesses

You are going to stagnate if you focus exclusively on things you are good at. Don’t be afraid of tackling things that you find difficult. It will be a struggle at first, but you will improve and you’ll find that you are no longer bouldering for beginners – you will see an upwards progression in your knowledge and skill.

Find a Good Climbing Partner

Self-study is a thing. But it is never going to be as efficient or fast as studying with someone, especially someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable. The same applies to bouldering and rock climbing. So if you are ever planning to go bouldering or rock climbing in the Joshua Tree park, don’t hesitate to contact Uprising Adventure Guides. We will pair you up with one of our expert rock climbing guides. You will have yourself a fun, exciting buddy to tag along and show you the proverbial lay of the land.